Kombucha Flavors

APPLE & FENNEL: sweet fresh-pressed organic gala apple juice with the earthy, licorice of organic fennel juice. Medium fizz.  

BEET & GINGER: a signature flavor. Earthy and sweet organic red beet juice mixed with spicy fresh-pressed ginger juice. Vibrant. Purple . Fizzy.

BEET & DILL: The same earthy sweet organic red beets, but with a sweet dill syrup infusion. Medium fizz.

CELERY & DILL: celery-forward with just enough sweetness. Earthy, but also light and kind of fun. Reminiscent of Dr. Brown's Cel-ray soda but not enough for them to sue.  Fizzy.

CHERIMOYA & LIME:  tart like limeade, but with a chunky-puree of sugary-sweet custard apples to balance it out. More vicious and acidic than other flavors. Tends to be a little less fizzy.

GINGER - SAGE: mostly ginger but with juuuuuust enough sage to add complexity and depth. Beige and opaque. Medium to moderate fizz.

JUST GINGER: firey but balanced. Great by itself or as a mixer.  Beige and opaque. Medium fizz.

LEMON & LIME & BAY LEAF: a (new) signature flavor. This is what “Sprite” would taste like if it were good. We juice limes and tree-ripe lemons, add our special bay leaf simple syrup, and viola!.   Refreshing, fun, funky, complex. Fizzy,

RED GRAPEFRUIT & HOT BASIL: the tangy tart goodness of organic red grapefruit juice with a spoonful of blistered organic jalapeno and mellow Italian basil simple syrup. Like all citrus flavors, this one is very fizzy.

SPICED APPLE: sweet organic fresh-pressed gala apple with an infusion of whole clove, allspice, organic ground nutmeg, organic cinnamon, and organic Tellicherry black peppercorns. Christmas in a bottle! Can be made with organic plums, organic pears, or just about anything else.  Medium fizz.

TAMARINDO Y PEPINO: a sweet blend of fresh tamarind paste, balanced with a dash of organic cucumber juice and yellow cheyenne pepper. Can contain small (flavorful) chunks of tamarind. Sweet but complex. Medium fizz.

WATERMELON & CHILI: Our show-stopper. Chunky puree of fresh watermelon with slight yellow cheyenne and garden mint finish. Three exits past refreshing. Marginally higher alcohol-content than other flavors. Makes a great mixer!. Fizzy and fun!

NOTE: flavors ebbs and flows with demand, whim, seasons, force majeures, Italian labor strikes, concerts at The Echoplex, etc. If a flavor is out-of- stock but producible, a 7 day fermentation period is required (by nature).